- About the C.E.P. -

The CEP Board and member Federations draw our values from those of the International Olympic Movement, and accept the regulations and provisions implemented by the I.O.C.

Women and Juniors

In the mid 1990's Karsten Köhler, President of the German Federation (DPV) and Flemming Jensin, President of the Danish Federation (DPF) identifed a need to give Women and Junior players more competitions in the opposite year of their World Championships.

The first official European Championship for Juniors, with significant support from the Belgium Federation and their President, Roger Petermanns, took place in Liège, Belgium in 2000.

The following year, with the help of the French Federation, the 1st European Championship for Women was held in Strasbourg. Since these early days the Women and Junior Triples Championship have been held every other year.

EuroCup and Espoirs

In 1997 Jan Sjölander from Sweden proposed a plan to hold a championship for Club Teams giving some players their first experience of international pétanque. This heralded the start of our EuroCup Championship which has been featured in our calendar each year since 1998.

During the 2005 European Championship for Women which was held in Denmark, the CEP Board of Directors introduced the Espoirs Championship, specifically for adults under 23 years. The first of the Espoirs Championships for Women and Men was held in 2007. The finals, held in France, took place in April of the following year.

The Espoirs championships now takes place every year and mirrors the format of our other Triples Championships.

Men, Veterans Triples and Singles

In response to the FIPJP's introduction of "Continental Confederation Selection" for the Mens Triples World Championship, we decided to organise the Mens Triples Championship as a method of qualification to find the 24 nations that would represent Europe. In 2009 the first of the Mens Triples Championship was held in Nice, France.

In 2012 we organised our first Veterans Triples (55+) championship in Hvidovre, Denmark. To complete the championships we organise for our members, the Singles Championships were held for the first time at Halmstad, Sweden in 2016.


Each year, with the help of our 41 member Federations, the CEP conducts a survey to monitor the number of pétanque licences in Europe. This year (2016) we included the number of clubs in each Federation, as these are the grassroots of our sport and vital to the recrutiment and retention of players. Here are the results of our latest survey:


Juniors (under 18)



Who we are:

The Confédération Européenne de Pétanque (CEP) is a European “Non-Governmental Organisation”, or “NGO”. It represents fthe interests of the Fédération Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provençal (FIPJP) and furthermore other major sport organisations at national, European and international levels.

What we do:

  • Identify, monitor and analyse subjects of relevance to our sport
  • Provide support for and promote the interests of our member Federations
  • Organise and attend events and tournaments
  • Manage European pétanque related projects
  • Provide assitance and expertise

Which policy areas do we cover:

  1. Societal role of pétanque, including: education and training, health, physical activity, social inclusion, equal opportunities and volunteering.
  2. Integrity of sport, including: the fight against corruption in pétanque, against doping and against match-fixing
  3. Good Governance in sport and the organisations of pétanque in general. Have a look at our Members!