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Junior and Women Triples

The initial design of the CEP was to provide a European Triples Championship for Juniors and Women in the year between their World Championships. In 1998 a junior championship was held in Dijon, France, which was followed in 2000 by the first official European Championship for Juniors in Liège, Belgium.
The following year the 1st European Championship for Women was held in Strasbourg.

Since those early days, the women's and junior triples championships now take place in the same, even numbered, year.


European Cup for Club Teams

In 1997 Jan Sjölander from Sweden proposed we hold a championship for Club Teams to give players their first experience of international pétanque.

This was the start of our European Cup for Clubs Tournament which has featured in our calendar each year since 1998 and is now our flagship event.



Espoirs Triples

During the European Congress (Denmark) in 2005, we introduced the Espoirs Championship, specifically for adults under 23 years.

The first of the Espoirs Championships (Men and Women) was held in 2007 with the finals taking place the following year in April. The Espoirs championship, held every year, has developed quickly with the format now mirroring our other Triples Championships.


Mens Triples

In response to the FIPJP introducting a 48 team limit for the World Championship Men, we decided to organise the Mens Triples Championship as a method of qualification to find the 24 nations that would represent Europe.

In 2009 the first of the Mens Triples Championship was held in Nice, France. This championship in now held each odd numbered year.



Veterans Triples

In 2012 we organised our first Veterans Triples (55+) Championship in Hvidovre, Denmark, the only international championship for veterans, which make up the majority number of members in each federation.


Singles and Doubles

The Singles Championships were held for the first time in Halmstad, Sweden in 2016 and for the 2022 season Doubles - Men, Women and Mixed were added to our calendar to complete the championships we organise for our members



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